Treatment for Blemishes, Scars, Wrinkles, Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Itching, Skin Infections, Boils, Non healing ulcers and Vitiligo belongs to the list of our top specialties.

CURE for Acne/ Pimples – Above 95% Success Rate.

Other Skin Diseases – Above 80% Success Rate.


Are you suffering from any of the above skin conditions?

Have you tried all sorts of medicines, but aren’t satisfied with any one of it?

Do you think that your disease is incurable?

If you answer YES, then we have a very effective medicine for you.

We have successfully treated chronic cases, more than 20 years old.

Our medicines are so effective that you can stop all other medicines in most of the cases, while our medicine is being administered.

The medicines are 100% FREE of any kind of side effects.

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Success Stories:

  • Mr. Kamble, 29 years, working as an engineer from Navi Mumbai was suffering from Acne since 15 years. One of his colleague friend, who had taken a treatment from us, suggested him about our treatment. He had tried allopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments number of times from different doctors.

Our treatment was started from 8th August 2011. The number of pimples started reducing after taking the medicines for 15 days. After one month of taking the medicine his pimples almost disappeared. He continued the treatment for 10 months to eradicate acne from its root cause. Now he has no acne at all.

  • Mr. Farooq, 27 years, had pimples on his face and back from 13 years. He had tried many other treatments, earlier. Our treatment was started from 14th August 2013. The pimples on his face went away, after continuing our treatment for 3 weeks and there is no recurrence, thereafter. The treatment was continued for 6 months for permanent cure.
  • Ms Shaikh from Mira Road, Mumbai, 31 years, had pimples from 12 years. She was also diagnosed with PCOD, 5 years ago. The major cause of her pimples was hormonal imbalance. Treatment for pimples was started from 1st October 2014. The number of pimples slowly reduced after a week and the condition kept on improving after every week. Now her face has only one or two pimples. We have advised her to take the treatment for few months more.
  • Mr. Mukesh from Ghatkopar was suffering from Eczema since 2 months. He tried our medicines and it got completely cured within 20 days.
  • Mr. Shirke (name changed), working at Marol, 31 years, had a lot of acne on his face. The condition was so bad that there was rarely any space on his face, without acne. He had acne from more than 13 years ago. He had tried, allopathy, ayurved and homeopathy treatments from many doctors but no treatment could cure his skin condition. Mr. Shirke contacted us for his skin condition and within 30 days of administering our medicines, the number of acne was reduced by 65%. Our treatment for 45 more days made his face almost clear from acne. The treatment was further continued for 8 months for permanent cure.
  • Mr. Kiran from Mumbai, 28 years was suffering from Urticaria since 7 months. He used to have urticaria attacks daily at night. He was on allopathy medicines since 6 months. Whenever he missed the allopathy medicines the attack used to be very severe. He wanted a permanent cure for urticaria. Our treatment was started, without continuing any other medicine. Mr. Kiran had more than 65% relief from urticaria attacks within 15 days. He had complete relief from urticaria attacks after 40 days of our treatment.  After taking our treatment for 5 months, urticaria attacks never ever recurred.
  • Sajid from Chembur 22 years had pimples from 3 years. Earlier he had tried allopathy treatment for 4 months but it didn’t show any improvement in the skin condition. He tried our treatment for15 days and 70% of the pimples were reduced. The treatment was continued for 4 months for a permanent cure.
  • Summith from Navi Mumbai, 24 years had a lot of boils in the groin area from one month. The boils were so painful that he could not even walk properly. He wanted to surgically remove boils. We advised him to take medications to remove those boils without any surgery. The treatment was started and within 7 days, more than 65% of the boils were cleared. In the next 8 days all the boils were cleared.
  • Ms Tasneem from Sakinaka, 17 years, had a lot of pimples on her face, along with severe constipation from 2 to 3 years. She had tried other treatments for this condition but the results were not satisfactory. We treated this case with the treatment for constipation for one month. She had a complete relief from constipation within a month. Then we started treatment for pimples. In the first 15 days the number of pimples was reduced by 60% She was very happy with the results. The treatment for 3 months completely cured her pimples and now her face is quite clear.
  • Mr. Atkar, 29 years from Ghatkopar used to have itching sensation on the whole body. The itching sensation used to last till the blood oozed out of his skin. Again itching would begin at another site on his body and a similar cycle kept on repeating. He had this trouble since two years. He had taken treatments from other dermatologists but it didn’t give him much relief. He consulted us and the treatment was started. Within 30 days of treatment more than 75% of his problem was solved and in the next 30 days, He was completely cured of itching.
  • Mr. Prakash from Delhi, 23 years had multiple diseases, including Constipation, slight abdominal pain, sysmtoms of Ankylosing spondylitis, Acne and Scars. We first treated his gastrointestinal problem and he was cured within 15 days. Then we did treatment for Ankylosing spondylitis and he had a relief from pain within 15 days. in the next 30 days of treatment the pain completely disappeared. We then treated his Acne and Pimples, which were since 6 years. His Acne and Pimples got completely cured in 6 months.
  • Ms Ankita from Mumbai, 25 years had acne form two years. They used to be very painful. She used to have many acne, a few days before menstrual cycle. These acne, after healing left scars. She had tried other treatments but the effect was slow and temporary. We treated this case and within 15 days 80% of the acne were reduced. In the next 30 days her face became free from acne. We advised her to continue the treatment for four months more. Ms Ankita was completely cured of acne.
  • Mr. Ramakrishnan K G, 93 years from Chembur was suffering from skin disease with severe itching and lesions, all over the body for more than 6 years. The patient had taken many antibiotics, steroids, anti allergic pills, applied various topical creams but not a single treatment could cure this disease. Our treatment showed improvement in the skin condition within 15 days. He was completely cured in 3 months of treatment.
  • Mrs. Archana Patil, 38 years from Boisar, was suffering from canker sores, which were not getting cured since 3 years. The sores used to be extremely painful. They used to heal after application of oral gel and again reappear in 2 to 3 days. The patient wanted a permanent cure for canker sores. Our treatment showed very slow improvement in the first 30 days. But after that the patient never needed to use any oral gel to heal the sores. 120 days of our treatment,completely cured her canker sores.
  • Master Akshat Gujar, two and half year old from Sakinaka was suffering from viral infection on the whole body. He used to itch all the day and had many boils all over the body. The disease could not be cured even after trying various treatments since one year. Akshat was not given admission in the school for the reason that this infection may spread to other children in the school. Our treatment for 75 days completely cured the skin disease and Akshat could get admission in the school. Akshat’s parents were very happy with the results of our treatment.