Short temper

Best Treatment For Mentally Challenged, Depression, Anxiety, Phobia & Schizophrenia

Do you know anyone, who is short tempered, mentally challenged, under depression, over anxious or someone suffering from Phobia, Schizophrenia or any other mental disorder?
Have they tried all sorts of medicines, but there is no satisfactory result from any one of it?
Do their guardians and relatives think that there is no hope of improvement for such people?
If you answer YES, then we have a very effective medicine for them.No hospitalization is needed for patients with any mental disorder, just consult us.
Adequate results of these medicines seen within 30 days of taking medicines.
We have successfully treated chronic cases, more than 15 years old.
Our medicines are so effective that you can stop all other medicines, while our medicine is being administered.
The medicines are 100% FREE of any kind of side effects.
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Success Stories:

1. Mr. Sane (name changed) from Mumbai, 33 years was suffering from Schizophrenia since 10 years. He had tried allopathy and ayurvedic treatments but the results were not satisfactory. His behaviour and thought was abnormal. In addition he performed spontaneous abnormal involuntary movements. He could not even sleep in the night for 2 hours. His parents were very much worried and came to our clinic for the treatment

The next day, our treatment was started and within 24 hour hisĀ abnormal involuntary movements were reduced to more than 60% and he even slept for about 3 to 4 hours. As the treatment was continued, his involuntary movements further reduced and he could even take a good sleep. He was very much normal within 3 months of treatment but the treatment was further continued.

2. Ms Shrutika from Sangli, 14 years was mentally retarded. Her parents didn’t care about it and never ever tried to treat this problem. This girl had come with her mother in our free health camp. Her iQ was very low.

The treatment was started and after 45 days, her parents could see a slight improvement in her IQ level. The treatment was further continued and a very good improvement was seen. The girl could also do better in her school.

3. Mrs. Priya from Mumbai, 28 years was a short tempered lady. She and her husband were separated because of this reason. At times she also used to throw away precious things and break them. The couple had once consulted a psychiatrist for the same. They were advised a shock treatment but her husband thought it may make her condition worse. After a month or so the couple got separated because day by day her condition was getting worse.

Mrs. Priya started living at her fathers place and one day her parents came to us for her treatment. She had also gained weight above 105 Kg. Her parents wanted to treat her mental problem but she refused to take the medications. She started taking medications seriously, when we told her that we are doing treatment for weight loss. After one month of treatment, her parents observed that there is an improvement. The treatment continued for 10 months more and now everything is alright. Now Mr and Mrs. Priya live together. They also have two beautiful kids.